About Mathmico

Mathmico 1 is an online application with 27 exercises focused on numeracy skills practice. Children practise recognizing and reading numbers, exercise addition and subtraction up to 10. They learn how to tell time and use calendar and how to measure weight and length. They also train recognizing and classifying objects and geometrical figures by shape and colour.

Mathmico 2 is an online application with 31 activities that support the development of numeracy skills. Children practise recognizing numbers up to 100 and exercise simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also train spatial orientation and logical thinking. The activities support the learning of object recognition and object classification by its shape and colour.

For teachers
  • use the application with pupils of various educational needs
  • use the application during lessons on an interactive whiteboard, touchscreen panel or a PC
  • assign activities as homework
  • monitor your pupils' progress and results in Group Statistics